lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

Fashion inspiring

Brand: Miss Unkon

Who is a miss unkon girl?

A girl that loves fashion to dance, laugh, cry and play in. She loves to create her own style and is influenced by the underground and pop fashion icons and where she is at with her love, life & career. She is passionate about life and making a difference to her world and the environment that we live in. Fashion is her LOVE that never leaves. PASSION is what she puts into her dreams and her world


What is your life motto?

Everything that happens in life is meant to happen. Live with passion!

What is the best piece of advice given to you?

Always keep growing and learning. Every dream is possible no matter where you have come from.

Young love

Invitation to dream

On a journey

*Be miss unkon... be inspired by fashion! / check their flickr page & full interview clicking here

3 comentarios:

Mayte dijo...

Wow... I like miss Unkon!!
Me encanta su "life motto"...
"Every dream is possible no matter where you have come from"
Sí señor, estos son los hallazgos que me gustan...

Victoria Marrero dijo...

Algún día te cogeré yo a ti como modelo y haremos algunas fotos del estilo... do you remember? Sería la versión actualizada.
Beso y suerte en Madrid!!

Mayte dijo...

Jajajajajaj... Ya sabes que la fotogenia no es mi fuerte! Sin embargo tú... jiji
Ese álbum deberíamos tenerlo bajo llave!!

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